Friday, August 24, 2007

The New Dress

I was the girl that went to the birthday party had a blast, ate some cake and then headed out the door with the "goody bag". Remember those? Every girl left with a little bag saying "thank you for showing up to my birthday party! Here's some candy and maybe a few fun girly trinkets". Not even two steps outside the party I would dig into the goody bag. Eat the candy and play with whatever trinket was given (maybe stick-on earrings - those were the best!)

Since my childhood I haven't changed much. I purged the closet, traded some clothes at Crossroads and immediately wore the new dress.

My day was filled with two things - work and a backyard dinner party at our home. The new dress turned out to be perfect for both!

The New Dress - WORK
I paired the dress with this with tank, peep toe black heels and a "Carrie Bradshaw Bun" to make it a little more "work conservative".

To change the dress up and make it a little more festive I layered it over this pinstriped button down and tied the blues and greens together with the belt and blue shoes.

Now its time to move on to the other new dress... mmmm... what to wear it with?


eden said...

ooooh, goody bags, haven't thought about those for/at a party in such a long time. makes me want to throw one, just to give some of those away!

you look fantastic in both getups by the way =D

Anonymous said...

great hair - your profile and bun really work and way to mix up the outfit for a day.

get such a kick out of your blog and wish i had more time on it but work, school and home is about all i can handle. you are like a story book and make the best out of every moment. like your blog opens you are the birthday party girl every day.

and BRAVO to you for, as Tim Gunn would say for "carrying on" despite all the negative input on the dressing room. i also live in so calif and if you are ever in doubt about your store in the planning area you should contact the small business administration - SBA. it is a FREE service put on by the state. they help with every single aspect. my brother worked with them on his carpet cleaning for over one year. they keep all emotions out of the decisions and bring everything into prospective from a business sense. but from all of your writing you sould like you have already done this groundwork.

so carry on you adorable women, girl, women, girl guess we can always be both. so my saturday now begins with studying (last year) then off to work.

The Vintage Society said...

Thanks Anonymous for the tip! I have heard about the SBA and I am definitely planning on utlizing their services.