Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just a Girls Weekend

Now that you all know about my wonderful hubby, I can tell you when he goes out of town...I'm a little sad. He's just so fun to be with..(sigh!) So when he headed to the mountains for a boy's weekend of wakeboarding and poker, I headed onto the beach and out on the town with the girls.

But, of course before he took off for the weekend we had to catch the Angels vs. Red Sox game at the stadium. Yippee! Always up for the challenge to root on the Angels but still where something fabulous!

Pulling out the red is always a must and I have used up almost all the RED in my closet, until I remembered this number. My red hawaiian print dress picked up at a local garage sale paired with my urban outfitter cardigan and shoes was almost perfect... but missing pizazz. SO, I threw on the mustard yellow socks from H&M. GO ANGELS!

My Friday began my girls weekend of relaxation and good company. Out to a lunch date of Sushi and then onto the sun-splashed beach, I pulled out my new red maxi dress and threw on lots of layered color: my torquoise scarf (garage sale), bangles (bought years ago), my favorite straw bag loaded with beach reading, and MY NEW FABOULOUS NEON SUNGLASSES (present from a friend's trip to Indonesia).

My favorite outfit of the weekend was this dress (exchanged with Sara) paired with a this belt that I found at Savers last weekend. I don't know why but I felt wonderfully girly in this.

After a weekend spent without Brian, he returned Sunday evening and we had a catch-up date night. We went to a pizza place on the beach, it felt so touristy and summery. The weather has been really warm so I threw on jean shorts and this postivelty pink top that my mother-in-law gave me. I can't tell if its homemade, vintage or brandnew - but I love it.


la petite fashionista said...

i love the outfit for the angels game! I always find it hard to be spirited yet fashionable and yet you managed to pull it off!


punky said...

thats a really cute top.