Thursday, August 23, 2007


This week is very special, the Society Girl I have chosen is near and dear to my heart. She has become a favorite for many of you readers out there. Her style is what I like to call "hipster beatnik" - kinda random and I don't really know if it makes sense - but it is what it is. She knows how to work vintage with designer and since she has been designing for a new women's line she is able to test run some of the designer goodies from her work closet. (oh... to have her job, right?)

She is not only stylish she is the best girl friend and girl could want. She is a blast to laugh with, dance around in your pjs with and even have sleepovers with.

Though some of you have already seen her amazing style in the "Society Challenges" that we take up each month I wanted to give you a peek at some more.... so here she is - our Society Girl of the Week....

My friend - Sara!

Oh.. and we will be heading out for a new challenge this weekend, so check back later!


Anonymous said...

Yeh for friendship and one with sytle. You and Sarah seem to have a blast should look into promoting yourselves on a TLC or one of the style channels. You both seem to love the camera and photos of yourselves (mean this in the most positive of comments).. you are both destined for something in the arena of design, writing, advicing or video. You go girls. Cannot imagine your "style" locked up too much longer. Keep up the good work and please do not let the opinions of some of the bloggers get you down.

dianabobar said...

:) very cute style

Anonymous said...

she is beautiful and friendship like your is hard to come by.

agree with anonoymous, you 2 should team up. so many, not me, I love pictures of myself as our vintage society gal does, horray, should put your heads together and do a video.

the shoes show big time risk, myself can never get away with. she looks fab! go society girl of the week.

Anonymous said...

she's adorable! what a cute face.

Candid Cool said...

Now that lady's got style!

Montmarte said...

i love these photos and the creative outfits you both come up with. the white sweater + navy dress...can you ask her if i can borrow that.