Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I am sure a lot of you saw this transformation on THE SARTORIALST. He pointed out the change that took place "After One Year.. of New York Style" in one woman's life.

I found this so interesting since my own sense of style has morphed over the years. Since I was young, I definitely had a love of fashion. My friends and I even put together photoshoots that we styled and shot ourselves. (Take this age old photo)

I wouldn't say I was a "statement-maker" or had amazing designer taste - mostly I just liked clothes and I wasn't afraid of wearing something different.

As the years went by I rose, fell and plateaued in the fashion realm. At one point my style icon was Meg Ryan in the movie "You've Got Mail". This look required the cutesy-preppy girl attitude and I even cut my hair short like hers in the movie.

During some years at college in Alabama I got stuck in a rut trying to fit into one look everyone seemed to have - that didn't go over to well and eventually I "got out of dodge" and moved to California!!!! This is where the blossoming began.

Just as THE SARTORIALIST pointed out how New York influenced one lass, California influenced this lass. It was the first place I lived that really inspired me to really go for it. Step outside the boundaries and find my look - or looks. I found I loved vintage clothes and shopping in obscure stores or thrift shops. There were bumps along that road and times that I was still trying to embrace fashion by other people's standards.

Honestly, there have been three things that have been my tipping point - the carefree California mentality (and fabulous thrift stores and estate sales), Wardrobe_Remix and all other Street Style Blogs (it forced me to examine what really looks right on me and my body) and finally my husband (he loves me and my style and that has given me freedom like none other).

I don't think my fashion growth will stop here - I think it will always be "morphing", but I do feel that I have reached into myself and found out who I am when it comes to style. I can't wait to continue to develop and blossom.


Poster Girl said...

Your style inspires me!

WendyB said...

I loved those Sartorialist pictures. And I think it's always important to keep evolving!

girl6_nyc said...

her before & after pics bought up a interesting thought to me.... how much is her transformation her own or is she influenced by some outside influence? Granted she looks in her after pics but that look is very commonplace in nyc.

krissy said...

great post...i often forget to check out the sartorialist so thanks for mentioning it. those transformations are pretty incredible!