Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Purge!

It was time to purge - the closet that is. I was feeling a little overwhelmed with clothes, shoes and accessories that I was not wearing. They were perfectly fine and very wearable... but just sitting there unused - so purge I did. BUT - the best thing about purging is not getting rid of clothes - it is about getting new clothes.

After filling two bags I headed over to Crossroads Trading Post (it is a great store that buys, sells and trades clothes with customers - also check out Buffalo Exchange). There is nothing better than leaving those bags on the counter and starting to peruse the store for "new" items to refill my closet. I know.. I know.. kind of defeats the purpose.

I hear my name called and find out that I have traded a heap of money to be spent in the store. Good thing, cause I am already holding eight dresses in my hand. Got to love it!

Fifteen minutes later I made my decision and walked out as proud owner of these two new dresses and some funky shoes that I will display later.

I can't wait to put together new outfits with these simple jersey dresses. (I already have plans to wear the grey one at a party I am hosting tomorrow night!)


Candid Cool said...

that green number looks lovely

Christy said...


Linda said...

Help with a Challenge found you on painfully hip and thought I would enlist your help. Am so jealous of your weekend stories of fun dressing and time with your husband. But starting mid October I will finally have weekends with my husband of almost 5 years. We got caught up in a huge house payment and both ended up taking weekends jobs - my husband an engineer works 10 hour days and at Lowes nights and paints all weekend.I have worked in a market and help cator parties all weekend and decorate cakes. 2 months ago we decided to down size and sold our 2500 square foot home and have bought a 2 bedroom "1 bath" - ouch.
But we are soon to be 30 we decided we missed each other and want to start a family.
So Vintage Society team challenge, I will start working in an office on Sept 24 for the city. Pay and benefits are outstanding and have a 35 hour week. HELP me I have to be "office acceptable" and have always always always done my own thing. Our budget is limited and even am moving to only ONE closet for the 2 of us. Has been so painful selling off all my stuff but see the goal and spending time with the love of my life and maybe a little one! So can you give me some ideas that help interchange and keep the closet space down.
Your store sounds fun. My dream, after our hopefully little tikes will be a bakery. Thank you.

The Vintage Society said...


I think it is so great that you are downsizing your life to put your priorities where you want them. People who you love and love you are definitely up at the top of the list.
Thanks for honoring me by asking for help with your "work appropriate clothing" and smaller closet situation. It sounds like you have an unique style and I would suggest that you don't change that at all. Be yourself! But for work I would suggest getting some good basics that are appropriate - nice pants and skirts - but maybe choose some that have that unique style. Or choose some simple basics and jazz them up with fun accessories and tops. I would suggest checking out Forever 21 or H&M for some of those fun things. There prices are great. If you like thrifting - you can't go wrong there. OFten you can find amazing brand name work clothes or vintage pieces! Good luck and let me know how things turn out. (oh by the way - we live in a two bedroom one bath and I love it!)