Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Indian Summer

Indian Summer - A period of mild weather occurring in late autumn.

It's not really late autumn just yet, but it sure does seem like summer is coming to a close. Kids are back at school, College dorms are being decorated and fashion is turning shades of greys, browns and all those wonderful fall colors!

Yes! Fall is fast approaching, but for many of us (Californians, Southerns, Midwesterners, etc) we experience warm weather into late autumn. The sweaters and coats have to stay indoors and the creativity process begins. How to look like fall without it feeling like fall.

I have been scouring for inspiration and here are some great examples of girls workin the fall trends without breaking a sweat.

Photo Credits: Liebemarlene (flickr) , Style Files , and Stockholm Streetstyle


Anonymous said...

love that first pic. that dress is awesome!

Rhiannon said...

Aww, thank you, I'm honored to be pictured with these stylish girls. :)

Roli Singh Designs said...

According to me "I feel making beautiful clothes is an art and it requires creativity and time, to make somebody look beautiful".

Roli Singh