Monday, June 18, 2007


I just got word from my girl, SARA (our guest columnist) that according to this ARTICLE one of my favorite designers, Erin Fetherston, will be making designs for TARGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to hit it up!


Emily said...

i work for target, and while i can't give up the info, i can tell you that it's definitely not the next cycle... but the next post-patrick-johnson designer is supergreat. i think you'll dig it. we just talked about it in a meeting today.

The Vintage Society said...

ohhhh! thanks emily. Insider secrets between society girls! I love it!

Jeisa said...

I love a style like that!
lovely dresses....:)

Kori said...

Haha I made very similar, extremely excited post when fashionista mentioned this as a possibility a few weeks ago. Erin Fetherston is wonderful!

Jeisa said...

I love style like that!
lovely dresses...:)

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