Thursday, June 07, 2007


Can I just say... this week's society girl seriously makes me speechless. Many of you have probably noticed and been in awe of her as well.

The work of The Sartorialist brings out the eccentric beauty of this woman. He was able to capture her, and for that I am thankful.

Our Society Girl of the Week... is The Sartorialist's Muse..

All photos are taken by THE SARTORIALIST


Candid Cool said...

she is phenomenal!

Emily said...

this girl blows my mind. i can't wait to see what he did with her in that British Elle thing he was takling about. She is perfect in terms of personal style!

Anonymous said...

Trully shows that one can be sexy without showing everything! Sexy and glamours.

Casey said...

i just love her style; so effortless yet so glamorous!! (truly a hard feat; since "effortless" can sometimes be translated into "don't care"... lol) i really love her necklace in the first set of pictures; it looks almost like a mini mirror!

Sandra said...

Oh my god! This woman is fabulous.

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