Friday, June 22, 2007

Society Challenge : Target

So here we are again! The day has finally arrived for the second installment of Society Challenges, where my girl Sara and I take on TARGET!

I realized the first time around that I didn't lay out all the rules for you Society readers out there. To make everything a little more clear, these are the challenge details:

1. We choose ONE store for each challenge.
2. Once inside the store, I choose one item that we both have to build an outfit around.
3. We split up to grab everything interesting in sight.
4. No peaking!
5. Outfit has to consist of all items from chosen store, with the exception of shoes and accessories that we are already wearing.
6. We enter the dressing room and seperately begin to create.
7. No peaking!

Finally, when all has been decided and we both feel confident in our choices we step out and REVEAL the masterpiece.... it is always amazing to me how we come up with our own unique look!

Target is a fun choice because of the new designers that are featured every few months. This time around we had Patrick Robinson to work with.

This shirt was our centerpiece.

This is what we each came up with. (Again, everything is from Target with the exception of shoes and accessories)

We had a blast and we can't wait for next month!


Candid Cool said...

you 2 look so cute in the parking lot. I like the slouchy look with the tims.
you both look great!

lalaliu said...

hello! Just stopped by to say I love your blog :) I saw your article in NEET magazine and also from bits and bobbins wardrobe remixers revealed and I have to say you have such amazing style!
That is such a cool and fun thing to do! I should try it next time with my friends. O, and I read that you are opening a vintage store, in orange county? I live there and would love to visit when you have it up and running!

-luv, lala

Diane said...

Love your look! &suggestion for next month, maybe: Wal-Mart

The Wal-Mart near here is relatively new &recently has been upgrading their interior and more recently, some of their clothes, to compete with nearby Target.

That'd be wild! :]

Les Dentes de Bonheur said...

you guys are adorable. I just added you to my favorites on my blog

check it out and keep posting!

Izzy said...

This is such a great idea,did you guys buy your outfit after trying the clothing on...