Saturday, June 23, 2007

Style Consultation: Madelyn

This weekend was the much anticipated shopping excursion with Madelyn. With her style statement (Classic Feminine) in place there was a sense of confidence and knowing as we headed out into the great big world of RETAIL.

We decided on our objectives: Find some updated basics (skinny jeans, summer shorts, etc) and casual comfortable mom-friendly clothes that were still stylish.

Our first stop, my tried and true FASHION GAL. The mecca of cheap skinny jeans. To our good fortune, Madelyn walked out of the dressing room looking smokin hot in a pair of perfect dark blue SKINNY jeans! Some great cuffed knee length shorts were purchased as well - SUCCESS!

Our next stop was FOREVER 21, the mecca of "classic feminine" darn cute clothing. Madelyn expressed feeling a bit overwhelmed by the masses of choices inside the store. I let her in on my F21 secret, just grab anything that looks interesting (in your size) and take it to the dressing room. If you try to figure out only one or two things that you like in the store, it is too much and the frustration sets in. Just give it all a chance. And she did! We found exactly what we came for - Classic Feminine casual basics!

So to sum it all up, it was a successful buying trip. Take a look at Madelyn's new updated look!


Jessica Joan said...

She looks fab and love how you photographed her in your usual "spot". Nice job.

Victoria said...

Love the style - classic! Green is awesome as well.

Madelyn - is she a model?

Fabi said...

wow madelyn looks great! and your blog is fantastic! Im glad I bumped into it.

Karen Cleary said...

Madelyn's new outfit is so cute! Good job Beth. :-)

Candid Cool said...

she looks like a million bucks

Leah said...

Lovely outfit. I especially like the shoes!