Tuesday, June 26, 2007

To be Annie!

Now I know I said I have been enamored with the “Frosting Side of Fashion” with all its ruffles and romance.. but I also have to say I am drawn to the menswear inspired clothes popping up in the fall season.

I love hunting through the little boys section of a thrift store looking for the perfect clip-on tie, bow tie or suspenders to dress up an outfit.

Every ten years this look seems to resurface. I remember the good (or bad) old days of middle school when I had a zip-on black tie with pearls (eeek!), and I will probably have the same reaction when I look back to this outfit.

BUT, then I recall this classic movie and I have a sense of relief, maybe one day it will be as timeless as Diane Keaton's in Annie Hall.

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