Saturday, June 02, 2007

Workin the Trends - Vintage Style Part 2

On to the next trend: "So Eighties"

Tonight I was headed off to a baby shower at a beautiful home in the newport beach hills overlooking the ocean. I thought, "hey, evening shower... I will wear a beautiful vintage 80's dress to this oh-so-fabulous shower!" I liked the combination of the black dress with a spark of 80's around the waist. The drop pearl necklace has a silvery luster that added a raw element to the ensemble.

Now back to my thoughts on wearing this outfit to a shower... um I was a little mistaken. I showed up as the most dressed-up person at the party - most girls were wearing jeans!

Oh well, shrug the shoulders and embrace the "Carrie Bradshaw" in myself, right! At least I was "So Eighties".


Sara said...

i love the consistency with which you post!!

Poster Girl said...

You look great. Like I always say, better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.

Leslie said...

I just don't understand everyone in their jeans? I went to a evening wedding 2 weekends ago and was horrified that people were wearing jeans. When did that become accepitable?
I am glad you dressed up. Stunning!

Trendy jewelry said...

I like you blog !