Monday, June 04, 2007

June Bride

The big day... the dress... the flowers... the groom .... the bride....

No, it's not me. I had my big day (oh what fun it was!). It is my big brother's big day. He's getting married this weekend and there is a buzz of activity around our home here in California. Friends and relatives coming in, parties, and along with that excuses to put together fun outfits! Yippeee! Love those.

Since my days are filled with wedding flurries ... I thought I might inspire thoughts of your someday or memories of the your remember-when days.

Brides are always beautiful, it is the moment every woman waits for, it is a dress of a lifetime. This week I will be featuring different brides, and today it is the classic brides that caught my eye.

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Anonymous said...

Jackie! She always brought her own style and taste to the table. Seems to have alot in common with the Vintage Society's identity!