Thursday, June 28, 2007


I have always been a girl who loves to pick up a magazine and peruse the pages looking for inspiration. Every month I anticipate the few that I religiously read, but I have found myself wanting more.. more inspiration daily.. not just once a month.

Then I discovered the wonderful world of fashion blogs. Instead of once a month I can now be inspired by multiple sources every single day. One in particular that I have stumbled on is Style Bytes, and its writer Agathe! Her sense of style is so interesting and eye catching.

There are a few things that she could teach lessons on: How to wear a scarf, How to rock the 80’s, and How to properly layer necklace upon necklace.

In recent days she has been trekking over mountains and fishing on the lake – all the while looking every bit of a SOCIETY GIRL.

That is why "Miss Style Bytes" is our Society Girl of the Week!


Anonymous said...

I'm her fan too!

maristolan said...

shes norweigan:) like me!

Candid Cool said...

yes she is pretty fantastic