Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Real Brides

The wedding bliss continues around my home...

A wedding is a reflection, a reflection of who two people are as one. What they love, where their passion is and the life they surround themselves with.

I am always stunned to see brides who step out of the ordinary, into the extradordinary. Ones who don't conform the same silouhette, but reach out for something unique and exquisite.

This beautiful bride and amazing photographer made me lose myself. I was pulled into their lullaby.

If you are looking for an amazing photographer and you live in the southern states Bryan Johnson is a great choice. To view more work like this one visit www.abryanphoto.com


Candid Cool said...


shra said...

love that dress, know who it's by?

The Vintage Society said...

I think it is by Betsy Johnson