Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Straw Hat

My EBAY treasure arrived! Oh how excited I was! I ripped open the box and to my delight pulled out this perfect summer hat. I couldn't wait to put it together with a whole ensemble.

Finally, Monday night arrived and as we often do, my husband and I were headed off to another Angel's baseball game. Perfect! A straw hat is just what you need when your cheering on your team.

I paired the hat with the team's colors - red and white. These shorts were just purchased at my local Salvation Army (more about them later) and the red victorian styled shirt came from an estate sale, ohhh and I can't forget my new favorite brown shoes - also from the Salvation Army.

The straw hat has officially had its debut!


c.lorraine said...

Seriously envying that you seem to be rich with high waisted shorts! Cute!

Kat said...

Love the hat, such a cute outfit!

Cris said...

Love the hat, I'm getting into my hats at the moment too. Have a couple of those straw trilbys - very handy for riding my bike in the sun!