Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Urban Renewal: Part One

Society Girls are ones who trade secrets, exchange ideas, inspire and encourage each other. Libby is a true SOCIETY GIRL! I received an email from her last week informing me of an Urban Renewal contest going on over at Urban Outfitters.

Urban Renewal, you know the section of the store where they sell reconstructed vintage clothes.

Anyway, Libby thought I should submit something and I thought that was a great idea. It couldn't hurt, right. Urban Outfitters will be selecting 20 new designs to sell in their store and I would love to be one of them.

My idea comes from all my years of thrifting. What can you find in every single thrift store in America? Mu Mu's!!!!!!!!! There they are, every old woman's discarded house coat. I have to say they are fun for the days you just don't want to accentuate the body, throw these suckers on and nobody knows what lies beneath. But, they are a little frumpy.. don't you think? Society Girls don't really go for the frumpy look, so I thought of a way to take these brightly colored frocks and make them into a dress that stands out in the room.

Here are my design sketches.. don't worry the finished product will be unveiled this Friday.


Libby said...

yay! i am excited you're going for it. as i said before, you'll blow 'em out of the water with your kicky reconstruction!

The Vintage Society said...

Thanks! I am excited to show you all the finished product!

kristen said...

just happened upon your blog..it's cute! keep up the good work!!

Kori said...

Your sketch looks great! I'm rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

Terrific Concept/Design. Cannot wait to see the final version.

Good Luck - Vintage Society = Talent that has yet to be touched!