Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Weekend in the Life of a Bridesmaid

The guests have gone, the music has faded and the bride and groom are off discovering true bliss. The wedding week flurries are over and it's time to reflect on the wedding weekend wardrobe.

Like I said before, any event that gives me an excuse to change outfits two times a day is FABULOUS!

The weekend started with a backyard party at my home, which meant running around all afternoon finding the perfect center pieces. Yes, this day did involve long hours going store to store, trying my hand at mowing the lawn (that was comedy) and standing on ladders hanging blue crystal chandeliers in the tree. I know, I know. This outfit is not conducive to all those activities - but what can a girl do. What if a disaster strikes and guests arrive before you have had a chance to freshen up and change clothes? You might as well put on a cute outfit... just in case. (No disaster and I did change, though there was no time for a photo... oh well)

The next morning arrived and my head was clouded from yesterday's tricks, I pulled myself out of bed and headed off to the Bridal Luncheon. Tea, Scones, and a spinach salad was just the beginning a grand tea served in a little red cottage. What's more perfect to compliment the tea than a burst of a green polka dot dress. Oh... being a girl is so much fun!

For the second change of the day, I readied myself for the Rehearsal Dinner. This time I chose a dress that truly embodies my "vintage glamour" style. A 70's disco dress in a cream colored slinky fabric. It felt like butter! I think Marilyn would have been proud.

The last of my own personal style (before I donned the bridesmaid dress with nine other girls) I slipped into something casual and comfy for the morning preparations with all the girls. A perfect few hours of hair, makeup and chatter.

It is all over and I am back to blogging more consistently. There are many adventures to come... the TARGET challenge, my style consultation Part II with Madelyn and much more.


Sara said...

where are your gladiator sandals from? also, LOVE the rehearsal dinner outfit!!

Min said...

the marilyn dress looks great on you

The Vintage Society said...

Gladiator sandals are from Urban Outfitters in 2006. They were $5!

Thanks for the compliments!

Emily said...

this is one of my favorite posts so far. you have an incredible eye for putting things together. and your hair in the green dress photo is amazingly beautiful.

Jessica said...

All of these dresses are extremely beautiful and inspiring. I love the green dress, perfect vintage!

L. said...

I've always wanted to start my own vintage store, so you are pretty much my idol.. I love, love, love the last skirt. Is it vintage? (Stupid question?) If so what era, because I would love to hunt down something similar.

The Vintage Society said...


The skirt was from a thrift store. It was actually a really ugly 80's skirt that fell to mid calf. I loved the material and the fact that it was high waisted so I bought it and reconstructed it to be a cute little mini.

Poster Girl said...

Love, love, love the hair in the first 2 photos!

Jeisa said...

I love the white dress on the third photo! So perfectly!