Sunday, May 13, 2007

Styling Bow

This is my styling bow.

I have been on the hunt for big bows attached to 80's dresses. I buy the dress ($5.99) cut the bow off and toss the dress in my fabric recycle pile. Styling an outfit with the bow just adds a little needed funness!

The styling bow is so versatile: Over-sized bow ties, headbands, blazer button...etc. Do you have any ideas for the styling bow?


Casey said...

awesome idea!! I've been on the lookout for an oversized bow myself since I spied something similar on Face Hunter a few weeks ago. I think I'll have to make one though; dresses with big bows seem to be scarce right now. ;) lol. thanks for the inspiration!!

Jessica Joan said...

Great idea for covering up an old clutch with some tears too.

I love your fashion bravery!!

maristolan said...

yea ive made a few myself. so easy! mari

Lust for Fashion said...

That is such a great idea!!!