Thursday, May 24, 2007


Now this one is a little cliché, but there is still no one like her! No one inspires more than her. She made dancing in her underwear, hailing a cab, typing on her computer and walking her boyfriend's dog look FREAKIN AMAZING!

Her style never stopped suprising me, every season was something new. She created trends (flower pins, high-head buns, fur coats) that still look classic six years later.

I know you all know who I am talking about... Miss Carrie Bradshaw!


Jessica Joan said...

Girlie- I think your stuff outshines the Sartorialist by a lot.

The Vintage Society said...

Whoa! Thanks.

Candid Cool said...

The last 2 or 3 seasons of Sex & The City the clothing was AMAZING. Whenever I see re-runs of the certain episodes I have to stop & watch.

I also find SJP so charming, and I really admire & respect her reasoning for Bitten.

dianabobar said...

I miss SATC!!!!! You made me remember how much I loved watching the show.

Casey said...

may i say i highly approve of this week's choice?! ;) i'm always watching the reruns because i find sjp's outfits inspiring!