Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Style Consultation: Madelyn Part 2

I met with Madelyn and it was a huge success. Here is how the evening progressed...

After spending some time chatting, we got down to the nitty gritty. I began by asking her questions about her own style, things she likes doesn't like and basically had a Fashion Therapy Session.

She loves and appreciates fashion, but is often overwhelmed when she goes into a store. With all that is displayed or hanging on racks she has no idea even where to begin. In discussing her look she felt frustrated "Do I even have a look?". I think she does. We all have a look, but we just might not have it defined. If we have no definition then there is no direction to take, we end up feeling like Madelyn, weighed down by fashion instead of uplifted.

(The Weighted Closet)

My goal before leaving was to find that "inner style icon" just waiting to come out and hit the runways (or maybe just hit the grocery aisles).

At 10:11 pm, we discovered it! I asked questions, she answered. We laid out dozens and dozens of photographs for inspiration. We turned to the internet. Finally, we found it! We discovered the definition of her style. Madelyn's style statement is....


(The Classic Feminine)

She is inspired by women who possess grace, beauty and a simply feminine style. Women like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Alexis Bledel .

She has a preppy, conservative side AND a girly, feminine side.

Looking through her closet there are hints of the CLASSIC FEMININE inside of her. She pulls a blouse in a buttery-mint green color with ruffles down the bust, "I love this shirt", she says. It is soft and feminine. Lying on her bed is a beautiful black lace A-line skirt, again soft and feminine. Hidden inside her closet are beautiful antique purses just waiting to be picked up and taken for a spin around town.

So we did it! We defined her own personal brand. CLASSIC FEMININE.

Tune in next time when we take CLASSIC FEMININE out for a little shopping spree.


Casey said...

i am really looking forward to reading the updates as you help her find and expose her hidden style maven!! :)

Kori of The Fashion-y Blog said...

This is a fun project! I want to know what my brand of style is. I strongly suspect it is 'crazy girl set loose in closet.' I'm excited to see how the shopping trip goes!

Candid Cool said...