Saturday, May 19, 2007

Patriot Act: Part One

Society girls, I am so excited to tell you! You are going to love it!

For the past few weeks, I have been developing a photo shoot for The Vintage Society. I wanted the shoot to involve actual clothes from our inventory and bring out the summer trends.

I chose a location down in one of the oldest cities in Orange County. I wanted the urban vibe but with character and artistic influences.

I chose a theme that was playful and full of color.

I chose my model.

This weekend I went to work. First pulling together all of the items, steaming, pressing and making them ready for their debut. I gathered up all kinds of essentials - bobby pins, clothes pins, brushes, combs, make up, and on and on.

My model showed up this morning and the flurry began. Fitting her into all the clothes, doing her make up and styling the hair.

We set out into the city to shoot. We caused a frenzy dowtown. Men were staring, pulling out their cameras to take pictures and asking to be in shots. It was an adventure.

All the chaos was worth it in the end. The shots were beautiful! I can't wait to show you... and I will, just be patient.


ms. spinach said...

it sounds fantastic. i can't wait!

Jeannine said...

Oh! I can't wait, I can't wait!

Candid Cool said...

a cliffhanger!

Kori said...

can't wait to see the photos!