Friday, May 25, 2007

Wardrobe Remix Challenge: African Safari

I have to be honest. As we are taught, honesty is the best policy. My confession to you is...

I have been in somewhat of a fashion inspiration slump. Not completely, I mean I haven't resorted to wearing UMBROS and my old college t-shirt, but I have felt slump-ish.

I have these moments every now and then when I just stare at my closet, I stand there, I pull out a shirt, stare some more - try to construct and build in my mind - something FABULOUS! But, nothing comes... ahhhh!

So, in the effort to re-awaken the juices I am giving myself a challenge:"Find a stirring and motivating magazine editorial and use it to produce an outfit".

I am up for the challenge!

What better place to turn than.. VOGUE! and I found it, an editorial that makes me crazy with is truly beautiful.

While you are perusing and musing over this amazing peice of art.. I will be working on my creation... hope to post it soon. CHECK back!

1 comment:

Candid Cool said...

I just saw Pirates 3, and she always manages to amaze me.